Medical Assisting vs Pharmacy Tech

The healthcare field is riddled with tons of opportunities for those whose are interested in pursuing a profession in the medical industry. There are different career paths to choose from hands on careers like paramedic and nurse to more off-hand choices like pharmacy technician. While a varied selection sounds like great and it makes you feel like you have a lot of options – it is often riddled with options that aren’t suited for everyone. So I’ve created a list of the best medical jobs right now in the United States. This list is defined by criteria such as job outlook, expected growth, and median wage.

Medical assistant – MA’s are the administrative assistants of the healthcare industry. They are essentially the brains behind any medical office, as they compile all the documents, keep track of patient records, schedule appointments, and make sure the that office is stocked on all kinds of supply. Medical Assisting is a very hands-off kind of job as, while it does deal with patients to some degree, you are not dealing with them as intimately a nurse would. Why is this one of the best medical jobs? According to the BLS, it is expected to grow 23 percent faster than other jobs in the U.S, which means that there is always going to be places looking to hire. Medical Assistants also make a median salary of 29, 960, and this is expected to rise as the demand for MA’s grows. The job is also a lot less stressful than any other in the medical field. Unlike many other healthcare jobs medical assistant training is relatively short. Learn more about online medical assistant training.

Pharmacy Technician – Pharmacy Tech is the second best job in the healthcare industry. It is another hands-off kind of job that while tedious doesn’t cause a lot of stress on those who specialize in it. Pharmacy Technicians work in any pharmacy and help in the dispensing of prescription pharmaceutical products. Pharm Tech is the second best medical job because it is expected to grow alongside Medical Assisting as the healthcare industry booms from rising population. According to the BLS, Pharmacy Technicians earn the same median wage as Medical Assistants, 29,810, and it is expected to go rise as the need for medicines grows.

These two professions offer challenges in their own way. It’s not easy being either or and every day offers something new in terms of obstacles. However, at the end of the day seeing people smile and thank you for giving them great service and healthcare makes it all worth it.

Written By sykes